High School Outreach Program at W.C. Bryant High School

On April 26 and 27, 2018 SHAREing & CAREing conducted Be a Friend to Your Mother outreach programs for students at W.C Bryant High School. The program was presented in 9 separate classes. Over 200 students, faculty and staff attended the program.

Trained cancer survivors Emlyne Stinfil and Merci Pinzino both shared their experiences with cancer for the first time to a group of students. They had students’ full attention and compassion. Frances Smith, RN demonstrated how to perform testicular and breast self-exams. Students also appreciated the opportunity to ask her their medical-related questions. Program Manager Merryl Reichbach, LCSW led discussion on cancer and treatment, as well as lively discussion on health and wellness strategies for reducing your cancer risk.

Students actively participated in each class; they asked thoughtful questions. Discussion also focused on identifying and eradicating barriers to “bringing this information home” and encouraging the adults in their lives to get appropriate health care and cancer screenings.

Each student received a specially-designed handout. This provided with them with basic information about cancer terminology, supporting loved ones with cancer, protecting their health and suggestions for initiating important health related discussions with family members. Students and staff also received S&C bilingual brochures.

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