Our Story


Twenty years ago we collectively had a vision. Each of us has been through the dreaded diagnosis and treatment of cancer and experienced the loneliness, fear and stigma that go with it. We were fortunate to have our family and friends to pull us through, but we made a promise all those years back…

  • We vowed that our daughters would be smarter than us and feel a greater sense of empowerment. We knew then that empowerment would come from being informed, knowing your options, and having a strong support system. SHAREing & CAREing is that support system.
  • We believe that no one should feel alone or hopeless during a time of illness.
  • We know that healthcare is not equal and part of the battle is navigating a complex system.
  • We understand that in absence of a cure we must reach out to young people to help them make the connection between lifelong healthy habits and disease prevention.

SHAREing & CAREing is doing this work every day. We are on the ground and in the community, reaching out to keep people informed and opening our doors to anyone in need. We are renewing this promise to our community for the next 20 years. Technology has certainly changed the world we live in and how we communicate with one another, but the human spirit needs HOPE. SHAREing & CAREing delivers hope day-in and day-out in the form of a gentle touch or a reassuring talk and always with the wisdom that comes from life experience.

Please help us continue providing our vital cancer support services…

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