Recovery Survivorship Program

As the medical community continues to make strides in cancer research and treatment the term “survivor” is now commonly used to describe an individual from the time of diagnosis through the remaining years of life (NCCS, 2003; Leigh, 1996). The National Cancer Institute (NCI) has also expanded this definition to include caregivers and family members (Aziz, 2002). Long-term survivors have their own set of needs – and the ultimate goal of enjoying a long, healthy life.

SHAREing & CAREing’s Survivorship program began twenty years ago and brings together a strong, dedicated group of long term survivors on a monthly basis to discuss the issues and concerns that come up after treatment, including:

  • survivorship_cancer_380x253Prevention of secondary cancers and recurrence of cancer whenever possible
  • Health and disease management following diagnosis and/or treatment
  • Minimizing preventable pain, disability, and psychosocial distress
  • Links to resources in and around the community for survivors and their family members

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