Voyages Preparatory High School: Getting Family, Students, Teachers and Staff Involved

SHAREing & CAREing conducted a breast cancer education program for students, parents, caretakers, teachers and staff at Voyages Preparatory High School on March 21, 2017.

The SHAREing & CAREing team included Executive Director, Anna Kril, Program Manager Merryl Reichbach, LCSW, bilingual nurse, Martha Genao, bilingual-trained survivor Mercedes Pinzino and Rosa Sarmiento. Ms. Genao and Ms. Sarmiento translated for a Spanish-only parent who attended the program with her daughter.

We provided information about screening, prevention and resources for administrators, teachers and students as well as information about SHAREing & CAREing’s offerings and programs in the community. Parents and staff had questions and concerns. One woman had some health concerns but was fearful about following up with her doctor. We provided empathy, supportive counseling, psychoeducation and concrete information to enable this woman to move past her concerns and take action on her own behalf. We also provided peer support and validation for a woman whose mother had died of breast cancer. We answered numerous questions teachers and staff asked about providing support to students impacted by cancer and other health traumas.

The program was also an opportunity to showcase projects students had created in response to the breast education programs (Be a Friend to Your Mother) we had presented in February and March. Students used their collaborative and creative skills to make posters that demonstrated basic information about cancer as well as passion for this issue.

Department of Health Breast Cancer and Women’s Health pamphlets, bilingual SHAREing & CAREing brochures, and other health handouts were distributed and made available at the workshops. All participants also received literature on contacting staff at SHAREing & CAREing to help family members access free mammograms and other health services available at our partner hospitals.

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