A Tribute To Our Survivors

Our loyal survivors play a vital role at our school programs, outreach tables, and fundraising events.

Our cancer survivors form the backbone of our organization. Not only do they create the welcoming SHAREing & CAREing community that extends far beyond our Recovery Survivorship program, but they reach out to our Queens neighborhoods in a variety of ways. Survivors are a vital part of our Be A Friend To You Mother school programs, where they share their cancer experiences with students in the hopes of creating healthy prevention habits in our youth. Survivors staff our outreach tables at community events like the Queens Cancer Walk, educating residents on cancer prevention and our free cancer support services. And survivors form the enthusiastic troupe of ambassadors at our annual fundraising events like our Annual Benefit & Silent Auction, engaging supporters and local leaders as living proof of SHAREing & CAREing’s important role in our community.

To all our our survivors, thrivers, caretakers and family members, from the bottom of our heart, we thank you! Who we are today is a reflection of your dedication and enthusiasm for our mission!

Please help us continue providing our vital cancer support services…

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