Talking Winter Skin Care at our January Support Group Meeting

For our first support group for 2018, special guest, Ericka Smith, a former Beauty Consultant from Walgreens, presented on Winter Skin Care. She provided us with great skin care tips and answered participants’ specific questions. She offered simple, useful tips such as applying moisturizer with upward strokes (to defy the pull of gravity), to the importance of wearing sunscreen, especially in winter, when sun bounces off the snow and can increase the radiation that impacts our face.

Ericka’s mother, RN Fran Smith, has assisted with our high school cancer education outreach programs for many years. Ericka shares her mother’s passion for helping us take better care of ourselves. The impact of taking actions on our own behalf—whether it’s scheduling a mammogram that you have been putting off, to finding a skin care routine that has you feeling a little brighter—can all add up to increased vitality, confidence and self-esteem.

This support group was a lovely, pampering experience during what can be a cold and dark time of year. Ericka’s presentation was well received and left members feeling pampered and with increased sense of well-being.

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