SHAREing & CAREing Testifies at NYC Council Budget Hearing

Watch our 2020 budget request to the NYC Council.

Last week SHAREing & CAREing submitted testimony to the NYC Council in support of our continued funding in the upcoming budget. We shared with Council Members how SHAREing & CAREing has responded to COVID-19 by utilizing our website, email and online and social media platforms to provide services to people in need.

Throughout the current COVID-19  health crisis, we have witnessed increased anxiety, depression and fear among those we serve – cancer survivors, those currently in treatment, family members and caregivers. These feelings of anxiety, depression and fear have caused a sharp increase of about 25% in the demand for our services. Thankfully, Council funding has enabled us to provide assistance, services and comfort to those in need during this unprecedented time in our city’s history.

Until there is a cure or vaccine for COVID-19, our members will continue to be at high risk AND they will continue to turn to us for help.

In order for us to keep our Council funding, your HELP is NEEDED!

Please reach out (via email, Twitter and/or Instagram) to Corey Johnson, Speaker of the New City Council urging his support of continued funding for Astoria/Queens SHARE-ING and CARE-ING, Inc. in the upcoming budget.

With your help, we are confident that our efforts to secure funding in the upcoming budget will be be successful. Help us to fight the good fight!


The NYC Council can be reached on Instagram at @NYCcouncil and Speaker Corey Johnson can be reached at @speakercoreyjohnson.


You can contact the NYC Council on Twitter at and Speaker Corey Johnson at Tweet your own message or use the pre-formatted one below by pressing “CLICK TO TWEET” while logged into your Twitter account.

@NYCSpeakerCoJo @NYCCouncil - I am a proud supporter of @shareingcareing! PLEASE continue to fund this amazing non-profit under the Council’s #Cancer Services Initiative in the new budget. They provide a vital service to our medically vulnerable neighbors in #Queens & #NYC. Click To Tweet


You can also support us by emailing Speaker Corey Johnson at Feel free to compose your own message or use the template below.

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Dear Speaker Johnson: 

Please continue to fund Astoria/Queens SHARE-ING and CARE-ING, Inc. (dba SHAREing & CAREing) under the Council’s Cancer Services Initiative in the upcoming budget. 

Council funding allows SHAREing & CAREing  to assist cancer survivors including those undergoing treatment, their families and caregivers with a variety of supports such as patient navigation, transportation assistance, support groups and individual counseling. Additionally, SHAREing & CAREing offers cancer and health and wellness education to the larger community through its partnerships with Queens High Schools and libraries. 

I am a proud supporter of  SHAREing & CAREing. I know of the high quality of its programing and of its caring staff, staff that is always willing to go the extra mile to provide assistance, comfort and hope. 

[First Name] [Last Name]

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With some email programs you may be able to click here and your email program will be opened with our suggested text. Remember to add your full name and address at the bottom so Speaker Johnson knows what district you are part of!

Please help us continue providing our vital cancer support services…

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