How to Fundraise Online For Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast cancer is a disease that has touched almost everyone, either as a patient, survivor, caregiver, or loved one. With 1 in 8 women being affected by breast cancer at some point in their life, nearly everyone knows someone who has been diagnosed. And because breast cancer has no cure, thousands of organizations, both local and national, need funds every year to search for a cure and care for those affected.

Did you know October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month? If you’ve ever wanted to support those affected by breast cancer, now is a great time! Here are some great options to get started with online fundraising.

Facebook Fundraising

If you’re already on Facebook, Facebook is an incredible way to galvanize all the friends and family you’re already connected to. And you might be surprised who ends up donating to your fundraiser! Set your own dollar goal, set a fun picture and heartfelt message and share on your page—it’s that easy. Check out how one of our long-time supporters Mireille Larnac-Wilson set up a birthday fundraiser for SHAREing & CAREing (thank you Mireille!)

Facebook tracks everyone who donates and 100% of funds go to registered non-profits with no fees. Funds are sent directly to the non-profit so you don’t need to worry about accounting. Learn more about Facebook fundraisers work or start one today.


GoFundMe is also a popular online option for fundraising. In fact, this is how the organizers of our annual Bikers Against Breast Cancer event collect donations every year:

GoFundMe is a great option if you are looking to share your fundraiser with a wider audience, like through a website, email list, other social media platforms or even text. It offers embeddable buttons and trackers for websites and your own custom landing page to share your special message and track donations.

It’s free to set up a fundraising page on GoFundMe and a 2.9% transaction charge (+ a $.30 per donation) is deducted for all donations. For charity GoFundMe campaigns, donations are sent directly to the non-profit via the PayPal Giving Fund. Learn more about how GoFundMe fundraisers work in the video below or start a fundraiser today.

Donate via Your Non-Profit

If you’re looking for something low-frill, most charities offer donation pages that allow you to donate in someone’s honor and will even notify them. For those who have an extensive email or social media list, this may be a great option! Simply write up a heartfelt email or social media post and send people to the non-profit’s page, asking them to put your name in the “honoree” field.

We’d Love To Help!

If you’re looking to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month by fundraising, contact us! We’d love to brainstorm ideas and help you navigate the fundraising platforms. We can even help by offering literature or informational links that explain our mission and cause. Contact us today!

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